Area: Jester's Guild

Soul: Soul of Laughter

The King's Royal Jester, who at one time provided entertainment. Even in times of strife, he remained jolly as ever, created gag sorceries and giving other's joy. Once everyone began to grow ill, he noticed that they stopped enjoying his jokes. Their skin grew cracked and green, going insane as they tried to embrace some deeper existence. The Jester, a simple man, could not comprehend their nature, and so he went insane as he tried harder and harder to get everyone back to normal. He even formed his own Guild of Jester's who all worked together to try and reverse this terrible curse that had befallen the kingdom. Now, holed up inside of his gigantic tent, he raves on and on, painting disturbing paintings, muttering, and giggling to himself. His Guild defends the area around his tent, armed and insane. 


His attacks are very erratic and unpredictable. It is important to remain constantly alert while fighting him. He wields two large curved scimitars. He is very large, slightly taller than The Last Giant.

Smiling Theatre MaskEdit

  • Ground Slash - Slashes at the ground in front of him, sometimes following up with a secondary slash or a straight forward stab.
  • Ground Stab - Drives one of his scimitar's blades intothe ground, then rips it out while slashing forward, releasing a short shockwave.
  • Jolly Dance - Notices that his legs are being attack and, after a short wind up, begins repeatedly stomping on the ground in a jolly dance, kicking his legs out and stomping the ground.
  • Dash - Crosses his swords and then dashes forward, slashing with both of his swords. Sometimes followed up with a ground slash.
  • Spin - Crosses his swords in front and behind him, then begins spinning, tilting his swords toward the player
  • Jumping Attack - At times he will jump and do a somersault in the air, landing with his swords in front and behind him. Very dangerous attack.

Crying Theatre MaskEdit

  • Lightning Stabs - Stabs the area in front of him very quickly while moving forward slowly, releasing sparks from his swords which have slight splash damage.
  • False Poison - Shoots a bright green ball of magic at you. If you are hit by this bolt, your health will start to decline as if you were poisoned. However, this is an illusionary magic and is intended to cause unnecessary panic in the player. Letting your health run out will return your health bar to normal and display your actual current health.
  • Knife Throw - The Jester will reach into his Jester's uniform and throw a giant knife at the player. He will hold it for a second before throwing it, so pay close attention to the color of the knife. Sometimes he will throw a knife with a cloth wrapped around the handle. These knives explode with various elemental effects.
    • Red: Fire
    • Green: Poison
    • Blue: Magic
    • Yellow: Lightning
    • Light Blue: Knife is merely an illusion and does no damage.
  • Quad Slash - Slashes four times at the ground, twice with each sword. Rarely he will follow up with a sword slam in front of him.
  • Backstep and dash - Backsteps if a player is behind him, doing moderate damage, and then spins around and dashes forward, slashing with both of his swords.
  • Icy Breath - Takes a deep breath and unleashes a blue cloud that causes a special illusionary magic, creating the feeling of being frozen. Slows movement speed.

Angry Theatre Mask - Can use any of the attacks above as well as theseEdit

  • Furious Slashes - Slashes multiple times with both swords in an erratic pattern in front of him.
  • Flame Sword - Sets his swords on fire, granting a damage buff.