There are various kinds of magic in this land, including a few new types.

  • Sorcery - A wide category of spells used for various applications, such as offense, defense, or deception.
  • Pyromancy - Fire based magic, no different from past games besides some new spells and pyromancy hands.
  • Miracles - Designed for replenishment, and lightning based offense. Simple and easy to use, these can be quite powerful.
  • Hexes - Dark magic used for either pure, direct offense, indirect offense, or buffing. Some cost souls to use.
  • Blood Magic - Pure buffing, or low-health bonuses.
  • Runes - Used for setting up traps or creating a perimeter. Good when invaded, or expecting unwelcome company.
  • Rituals -  Hard to find, very powerful. Use up various items and have very long cast times, but offer incredibly powerful effects.

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