Format: Spell Name/casts - Description

  • Soul Arrow/15 - "Basic spell. Fires a weak bolt of magic. Though magic greatly helped in the war effort, it could not be attributed to weak spells such as this. More powerful spells could hope to gain that title."
  • Soul Spear/5 - "Fires a powerful spear of magical energy. Knowledge of this spell was required in order to be able to join the Wizard's Garrison."
  • Magical Weapon/3 - "Shrouds your other hand's weapon in a mist of magical power, Granting magic damage to your weapon. Spellswords, a subdivision of the Wizard's Garrison, sought to combine the art of melee combat and magic to create a truly deadly combination. Whether they succeeded is up to one's own opinion."
  •  Incandescence/5 - "Emits a striking luminescence from one's body, increasing all resistances slighty for a short time. This spell was created by a mysterious sorcerer said to wield two magical shields that allowed him to cast spells without a staff."
  • Homing Soul Arrow/12 - "Fires a slow moving arrow of soul energy imbued with the power of desire. This causes the arrow to chase enemies. Perhaps desire is what keeps all of us from hollowing."
  • Soul Burst/5 - "Releases a quick burst of small soul arrows from one's staff with slight homing properties. Nobody really knows how this spell came to be, but it proved to be an incredibly powerful trump card in the war."
  • Illuminate/12 - "Casts a ball of light over one's head that illuminates dark areas. This is a very simple spell created by soldiers who were attempting to flush defending enemies from their own mines."