Hexes are a powerful and dark form of magic. Despite being banned in everyday society throughout most kingdoms, This kingdom hired secret witches to form new hexes. Hexes are a unique use of souls and humanity to create powerful effects.

Formatting is as follows: Hex Name/Casts - Description

  • Soul Mass/15 - "A ball of concentrated souls that deals a moderate amount of physical damage to enemies. A basic hex that may have been the first hex ever discovered. After it's discovery, however, it was locked away in secret."
  • Dark Orb/24 - "Fires an orb of darkness at enemies. The vagueness of morality between good and evil may have been the reason for The Schism."
  • Arisen/5 - "Poweful Hex created by a sorcerer named Gale. Creates a wave of dark energy that rushes forward from the caster, dealing heavy dark damage. Some would say that Hexes are born from strong emotion like depression or anger. Others, like Gale, would tell you it is merely a unique use of one's inherent humanity."